Gundi Vater Consulting - Assisting the development of individuals and organizations

As a systemic organizational consultant, I keep an eye on the “big picture,” whilst also looking at units, individual people and their interaction, and strengthening each individual’s responsibilities.

Responsibility: It is my particular concern that people see and understand that they are part of the complete picture, part of the surrounding field, as it were. The basic conditions may be more or less broad, but one has to see that they are responsible for the part upon which they have some effect. Therefore, one has to accept the fact that one is not just a “victim” but also often a “perpetrator”.

Contact: I enjoy the contact, the encounter, the exchange with people and their demands. I feel comfortable at that point where the demands of the organization and the work environment meet with the potential of people, where both sides have to be coordinated to uncover the resources of both parts

Humor: To laugh at oneself means to take oneself seriously while being able to relate at the same time. That opens up space for encounter and new solutions.

Systemic: As a systemic organizational consultant, I look at “the complete picture” and, at the same time, with regard to the individual units, the people and their interaction and to strengthen their respective responsibility.